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Our ILS program helps adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities learn important skills so they can become more independent. Whether they want to live on their own, with others, or stay in their family home but aspire to live independently, we provide training and support to help them reach their goals.

These services include advocacy and self-advocacy support, assistance with cooking and cleaning tasks, raising awareness about community resources, fostering independent recreation and social skill development, guidance in menu planning and nutrition, money management training, maintaining personal health and hygiene, including medical and dental care and laundry assistance, ensuring safety both at home and in the community, accompanying individuals on shopping trips in natural environments, and facilitating transportation arrangements, whether through public transit or other means.

San Diego Regional Center

Vendor Number HQ1761

Service Code


Independent Living Services  (520) Vendor #HQ1761 SDRC (1).jpg

Our Hands Speak Resource Fair, January 2024

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