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As a first-time participant in the Self Directed Support Program, we recognize that navigating the process can be overwhelming. Our aim is to offer you advocacy, coaching, and training to facilitate a successful transition into the SDP.


This involves identifying your needs, goals, and services for your IPP/PCP, finding suitable support staff, guiding you in understanding your budget, aiding in the development of a spending plan, collaborating with the FMS, and crafting a Person-Centered Plan that reflects your wants, needs, desires, and short/long-term goals.

San Diego Regional Center

Vendor Number #PY3154

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West Side Regional Center

Vendor Number #PW8758

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Inland Regional Center

Vendor Number #PJ5655

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At Self Determined Futures we are able to assist the individual in making informed decisions regarding their individual budget, locating, accessing, and coordinating services and supports in accordance with the participant’s individual program plan (IPP), identifying both immediate and long-term needs and devising options to address them, leading, participating in, and advocating for participants during the person-centered planning process and the development of the IPP, facilitating the acquisition of identified services and supports.

Interested in this program?

Click the link below to complete our intake forms. Once submitted, our team will reach out to you to schedule an initial meeting. We look forward to connecting with you!

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